About Us


Voletude is a full stop Aerospace Acquisition consulting firm dedicated to delivering cost effective solutions that meet our Client’s needs.  Representing federal, state and local government agencies, commercial private firms and individuals seeking new and upgraded aviation solutions, the breath of our acquistion expertise spans conceptual need through life cycle support.  Acting as a Trusted Agent to a host of procuring agencies, we represent organizations in search of new and upgraded aerospace solutions.  Our goal is to build long term relationships with our clients and to serve on their team to find these solutions.  We provide multiple alternatives to help our clients with their decision making processes. Our three tier approach is designed to seemlessly integrate into the needs of any organization.  Based upon your desired support, we can provide Consultant Based, Embedded or Full Service Acquisition Support to your team.  Consultant Based is the most cost efficient solution where we can train your organization on the procurement fundamentals, set up your models and consult you along the way as you execute your procurement.  Embedded Services is where we integrate our team members within your organization and together we build your procurement solutions.  Full Service is where we do all of the heavy lifting following your organization's vision. We can also join at any part of the life cycle process. The bottomline is that Aerospace Systems are omnipresent in today's culture.  These systems are complex, everchanging, regulatory and expensive.  Voletude has the experience to help curb and understand those issues that you face everyday and organizations need an on call cross competency team of experts who will work to provide you with all alternative solutions and then execute to your plan.  So whether it be a full system solution or a partial upgrade, Voletude is holding short to meet your needs.


Mr. Gerald Hightower has over twenty years experience in the U.S. Marine Corps. His expertise ranges from aviation, operations planning, acquisition and information technology management. He is designated an Operational Research / Systems Analyst in the U.S Marine Corps.

Mr. Bob Wilde has over 35 years of professional experience which includes aviation, defense planning, operations analysis, education, leadership and management. He has provided extensive support to NAVAIR in a wide variety of capacities from managing a large number of contract service support efforts for several program offices to leading critical warfare analysis endeavors.

Dr. Frank Marcum is a subject matter expert on the effects of multipath interference. He has performed several hundred modeling studies to the US FAA and other clients. Frank has been involved in the simulation and flight measurement of ILS, VOR, TACAN/DME, and GPS WAAS/LAAS ground-based facilities since 1990.

Mr. Sal Rafanello has over twenty five years of aerospace expertise to include ten years as a government procurement official and over 15 years of Executive Level consultation experience. Sal has developed a unique partnering relationship with numerous government agenicies, program offices and engineering competencies and has personally saved his client's well over hundreds of millions of dollars in cost avoidance and program efficiencies. He has served as a program manager of a $400M system, government airworthiness officer and study director of major projects.