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Doing Business with Us

about Voletude
Doing Business with Us

Voletude is investing in dynamic self motivate individuals to join an innovative team oriented career enhancing environment. Interested applicants are encouraged to forward their resume to for further consideration.

Operational Research Analyst - Voletude is searching for team leaders who can quickly assess a challenging situation and then lead a team of professionals through a validated OR process in quest of a set of solutions. A qualified candidate must possess ten years of practical experience as an Operational Research Analyst. The candidate must have strong communication and organizational leadership and managerial qualities and have proven experience in leading teams through complex problems. Individuals must have at a minimum a formal education in an engineering or science and should have formal education in current Operational Research techniques.

Subject Matter Expert (SME) - Voletude is searching for SMEs on a consultancy basis who can provide our cliental and OR experts with vital current advice in their respective field of expertise. A qualified candidate must possess at a minimum ten years of practical experience and a formal education in their field of expertise. The ideal candidate will possess a PhD, however years and application of practical experience can serve as a substitute.

OEM Representatives – Are you the original manufacturer of a current or potential aerospace product or service and want to interact with our clients on SSCOTS.  Feel free to contact us about managing your product's information directly. 


Become a client

About Our Partnership

At Voletude, we take accepting you as a Client seriously and view our relationship as a Partnership. Our Clients include a host of stakeholders who bring value to products and processes. These stakeholders may include procurement officials, OEMs, system operators and maintainers. Membership to is free to our Clients and we ask that our products are not replicated or distributed outside our team. Our agreement as we grow is to provide our Clients with products and services that empower their organizations procurement processes. In return, as a Client, we hope you will contribute to the process by periodically calling upon our services or contributing via blogs etal. Further, If you have suggested improvements upon our documents we ask that you share them with us so we can improve our process.

Aerospace Systems are too complex, forever changing, regulatory, and expensive. Whether it be a full system solution or a partial upgrade, Voletude is holding short to meet your needs.

Contact Us

Voletude LLC
PO Box 538
Huntingtown, MD 20639

Tel: 443-624-1561
Fax: 480-275-3391