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Voletude is a company that acts responsibly, and we understand the challenges our clients face each day.  We work very hard to maintain our status as a Trusted Agent that can provide the catalyst role in delivering the decision analysis and procurement documentation tools that will render the most sophisticated products and services to our clients.  We further understand that our client's work is in many cases priviledged information and we strive hard to ensure we are not the weak link in the integrity chain.  Further, we do not aspire to be a cutting edge internet service provider.  We are also not an advertising firm and it is not our policy to be predisposed to unfairly weigh one product or service over another.  These Privacy Principles help guide decisions we make at every level of our company, so we can help protect and empower buyer's with vital Aerospace decision making skills and procurement products.
  1. Use information to provide our clients with valuable products and services.

    When clients share information with us, it allows us to build services and products that are valuable to them. We believe that focusing on the user fosters both the products and privacy-enhancing features that have fueled innovation and built a loyal audience of clients online.

  2. Develop products that reflect strong privacy standards and practices.

    We do not aspire to be at the leading edge of technology, including the development of tools that help clients manage their personal information in a simple, accessible manner without detracting from a valuable client experience.  Our IT products are only a medium by which we deliver our true expertise...PROCUREMENT SOLUTIONS.  Before we incorporate a tool or model we will ensure it does not violate our company tenets.  We comply with privacy laws, and additionally work internally and with regulators and industry partners to develop and implement strong privacy standards.

  3. Make the collection of personal information transparent.

    We strive to show clients the information used to customize our services. Where appropriate, we aim to be transparent about the information we have about individual clients and how we use that information to deliver our services.

  4. Be a responsible steward of the information we hold.

    We recognize our responsibility to protect the data that clients entrust to us. We take security issues seriously and work together with a large community of users, developers and external security experts to make our IT products safer and more secure.