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Hypoxia Alert & Mitigation System (HAMS)

A Business Case Analysis

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) required an interim business case deliverable for the Hypoxia Alert & Mitigation System (HAMS) based upon GFI and open source information. HAMS will predict/detect/warn warfighters (aviators, ground troops and casualties during evacuation) of impending hypoxic events based on individual physiological, environmental, and cognitive monitoring. HAMS technology includes: 1) a detection/prediction algorithm, 2) a sensing suite, 3) warning modalities, and 4) modes of mitigation. The goal is to provide optimal protection of military personnel and equipment through intelligent monitoring and adaptive modeling that accounts for individual differences in physiologic tolerance and provides a timely notification/warning such that personnel can take corrective action before missions are compromised or injuries are aggravated.

The BCA was tasked to identify and then qualitatively and quantitatively analyze and compare viable hypoxia monitoring, alerting and mitigating solutions. Potential Solutions were assessed for cost, schedule, risk and technical merit based on RFI Responses. The BCA was successful in providing a strong business case for the investment in HAMS.

The client commended the study team for a thorough business case analysis of a low technical readiness level (TRL) developmental system. Especially noteworthy was the team’s skillfully facilitation of technical meetings with a cross competency stakeholder group consisting of medical doctors, technicians, physiologists, scientists, industry, pentagon, and Fleet operators and representatives (fixed wing, rotary wing, ground and medical forces).