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Marine Aviation Logistics – Enterprise Information Technology (MAL-EIT) Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) and Business Case Analysis (BCA)

An Analysis of Alternatives

MAL-EIT is the key enabling IT capability of the Marine Aviation Logistics Support Program II (MALSP II). An Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) for the MAL-EIT evaluated the performance, operational capability, and costs of fielding alternative systems to meet capability requirements. The USMC incremental approach will develop and deploy the Next Generation Buffer Managements System (NGBMS), the Logistics Planning Tool (LPT) and the Optimizer Tool (OPT), all of which will be integrated with the already deployed Expeditionary Pack-Up Kit (EPUK). The AoA focused on evaluating the potential solutions to the IT capability gaps as they apply to legacy MALSP; identifying potential solutions (available and surveyed from industry) and evaluating the ability of system alternatives to meet the requirements of MAL-EIT including cost and schedule. The AoA will assist senior leadership in making informed decisions about acquiring a cost-effective solution that satisfies the Marine Corps capability requirements for an IT solution necessary for MALSP II.

The Program Manager for MAL-EIT stated that the AoA Study exceeded expectations. The study yielded better responses from industry than anticipated, and included diligent work from Fleet representatives. The Study Director and his team provided excellent oversight.

Business Case Analysis

Not too long after the AoA, a BCA was conducted to address the benefits of MAL-EIT to MALSP Modernization. The business case focused on the current programmatic state of MAL-EIT and its potential life cycle support picture.