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Trade Studies

Welcome to, an online resource of analytical tools.  At, we recognize each day that your organization at many levels is facing countless challenges in this exponentially technical world that may impact your vision and bottom line.  Your internal resources to include time and in-house analytical capabilty may need a boost in its quest to pursue due diligence in support of critical decisions.  That is why at, we envisioned a center where our clients could leverage decision analysis tools to assist them in making wiser decisions in a reduced amount of time to overcome their unique challenges.

Feel free to use our center to build your solution(s).  Should you find that your challenge requires independent expertise, we offer experienced dynamic teams comprised of Operational Research Analysts and Industry Recognized Subject Matter Experts who can usher your team of experts through our validated analytical processes which are completely scalable and responsive to your organization's skills and needs.  Please contact one of your partnership representatives to assist you further with the capabilities that we provide.

What is Think of it this way...every job requires the right tool...a hammer for a hammer's job.  In the 21st century, we have been empowered with a computing power that allows us to build an extensive analytical toolbox.  However, we are constantly recreating the hammer instead of improving upon it. In this Exponentially Technical World, Trade Studies is the place to find that hammer waiting for you to use when you need it or improve upon as desired.


How Trade Studies Works



Unregistered users are free to peruse the workspace at Trade Studies, however full access to the products is by registering as a client. Since Trade Studies is a place to share and leverage analytical information amongst a community of professionals, we ask that each client bring value to the process by either calling upon our services, proposing analytical worksheets, taking surveys or adding their thoughts to the blogs.